TT to C – Transferring from the Second Tier to the Top 6

Hello, I’m starting this law school transfer blog as a guide to future transfers and potential transfers. Conventional wisdom is that one can’t go to 1L planning to transfer somewhere else, but I’m willing to bet that one can do exactly that. Provided that the person is quite intelligent and capable of performing better in law school than in undergraduate school.

TT represents the second tier of law schools.  Anything ranked #51 through #100 in the U.S. News and World Report overall ranking falls into this category.  Not all of the TT is created equal, however.  Although I have not yet applied to law schools, I am about to and this tier is where I see myself ending up.  I went to a top 25 university for undergrad, but ended with a GPA well below 3.0 some five to ten years ago.  Although I scored in the 99th percentile on PTs, my official LSAT score came in at 169, in the 97th percentile.

C represents Columbia Law School or the University of Chicago.  If one is in the top 2-5% or so of their class in the TT, one can expect to get into these tip-top law schools.  While HYS (Harvard, Stanford, Yale) are technically ranked higher than C, the career opportunities are even more magnificent at C, due in part to more advantageous school locations.

Well, I am putting the cart before the horse here by starting on transfer strategy in this blog before even applying to the TT in the first place.  So, I will now complete my applications.  Tally ho!

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